NAEYC Accredited

Our Learning Environment

Our Learning Environment
Our Learning Environment is attractive and developmentally appropriate:

  • Encourages children to make choices and develop responsibility
  • Is culturally relevant to the children being served
  • Has strong, carefully arranged learning centers which address all areas of development including...

Block Center
Blocks play an important role for the child because they help the child:

  • Express creativity using various media
  • Discover concepts of quantity, length, and inequality
  • Plan and work with another to solve common problems
  • Use building as a means of non-verbal expression
  • Develop large and small muscle coordination
  • Improve eye-hand coordination

Dramatic Play Center
Dramatic play allows the child to:

  • Construct the world as he/she sees it
  • Act out feelings and emotions in a safe and comfortable environment
  • Role-play real life situations
  • Practice language and social skills
  • Interact with other children in an informal setting

Toys and Games Center

  • Children strengthen all areas of development as they interact with toys and games

Art Center
Art activities provide a medium of expression and enable the child to:

  • Work with a wide variety of materials
  • Experience sensory pleasure by working with different materials
  • Experiment with color, shape, and texture
  • Create an expression of self
  • Use visual expression as a means of communication

The book center is a relaxing place that allows the child to:

  • "Read" pictures
  • Browse through books for pleasure
  • Extend understanding of various means (photographs, illustration, words) for expressing thoughts and feelings
  • Develop personal reading interest
  • Use picture clues to predict fantasy or reality in a story

Discovery Center
Discovery/science stimulates the child to:

  • Explore and experiment
  • Use a variety of materials for weighing and measuring
  • Develop skills in using the scientific method of problem solving
  • Observe and identify problems, predict and test predictions, and generalize
  • Use source materials in problem solving
  • Manipulate various objects and materials in order to move from concrete to abstract
  • Find out about nature
  • Classify relationships between objects

Sand and Water Center:
The sand/water center allows the child to:

  • Improve fine muscle control
  • Practice language and social skills
  • Experiment with the physical properties of wet or dry sand
  • Develop problem solving skills

Music and Movement
Music and movement provides the child an outlet for creativity:

  • Math and language concepts are enhanced through singing
  • Auditory perception is enhanced
  • Spatial sense is developed
  • Skills such as operating a cassette, tape, CD player are developed
  • An appreciation for different music and dance styles is developed
  • An awareness of personal space is developed
  • Group cohesiveness is improved

Children investigate questions using the computer to:

  • Solve problems
  • Explore and manipulate objects on a screen
  • Support development in all areas

Improves gross motor and problem-solving skills:

  • By observing living things
  • Through learning about the weather and climate change
  • By provide sensory experiences (touch, feel, hear, see, and more)